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DAY 1 - 10th April 2013

So, I've been looking and reading, printing a million plans out, looking some more and actually not getting anywhere, so yesterday I thought it was time for a trip to the local Timberyard to actually get something started.

My thoughts on use for this Tardis started originally just to give my kid a new playhouse as he loves Doctor Who, which wouldn't suffer the same problem of the usual plastic kids houses and be too small a month after buying.

So big, tall, Tardis + small child = plenty of use. Or at least that's my thinking on this.

However, since friends have found out what I'm planning, then it seems the Tardis will now also need to have some sort of small console in there so it can house a laptop, speakers hidden in the roof so that when we have a party it becomes the music system for the garden, which actually seems like a great idea the more I think about it.

It also needs to end up on wheels, so we can bring it down to the front of the garden.
Oh, and our 2014 Halloween party is now going to be Doctor Who themed!

I will be a bit erratic getting things done over the next few weeks due to already being away and the official queen fan club convention coming up (the band, not the royal one), so if I don't update then it's probably because I've not had a chance to do anything.

I'm going to list my days only as I've done something, pointless having a dairy that gets to day 26 and all I've done is my real work.

So, here goes, day 1 will be another post after this, please feel free to comment on my progress, shout "don't do it", hold your head in despair at my attempts or just laugh as you read the diary and watch as it all goes wrong.....

(but then hopefully bounces back into some sort of Tardis)!


PS When I told one person they did actually say "but you're not going to be making a real one are you?"

Erm, no. It's not going to travel through space and time, up and down the garden with a bit of effort maybe, but that's going to be about the best I can manage.